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Manut-LM offers an exclusive range of high quality vacuum lifters on the French market. These vacuum lifters can be ordered as standard or custom-made according to your needs.
These lifting machines can lift all types of materials up to 50 tons! Their lifting capacity is greater than that of tube lifters, but they are less fast and responsive.
Whether it is wood (beams or panels), glass or sheet metal, vacuum liftirs are perfectly adapted to the needs of lifting devices in all sectors. The role of the spreader bar is to stabilize the load while a vacuum is created thanks to the suction cups, the whole lifted by a hoist.
The variety of the range proposed by Manut-LM allows to adapt the size of the lifting beam, the maximum lifting weight and also to choose the type of power supply according to the environment of use.
Manut-LM proposes the rental of vacuum lifters for your specific sites in order to adapt to your constraints!
Discover our range of solutions for manual handling of loads.

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Aero Flat to Flat

Aero Flat to Flat – Handling of panels up to 2 tons
The handling of sheets of metal or non-porous materials (plastic, melamine etc) in the production process, can require several people to lift extremely heavy loads and...

  • Panels up to 2 tons
  • Up to 3 meters wide
  • Simple lifting with hoist
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Aero Tilter 90

Aero Tilter 90 ° – Handling of panels with grip or removal to 90°
On sites where metal panels, plastic or generally non-porous panels are made, problems of storage can lead to movement and removal of panels in...

  • Tilts panels to 90°
  • Lifting up to 1 ton
  • For non-porous materials

Aero 180° Reverser

Aero Turner 180 ° – Suction cup rudder that turns 180 ° Metal Panels, Plastic, Glazing up to 250kg
Panels sometimes need to be reversed by 180° during treatment of surfaces, painting, or laser cutting processes....

  • Panels up to 250kg
  • Up to 3 meters wide
  • Complete reversal to 180°

Aero Poro

Aero Poro – Suction cup rudder for handling Porous Panels up to 900 kg
Vacuum handling of wood is a solution that allows huge increases in productivity and ergonomics! Nevertheless, this raw material is porous, which...

  • Ideal for porous loads
  • Lifting up to 900kg
  • Panels up to 5 meters wide

Aero Timber

Aero Timber – Lifting beams up to 500 kg
Suction-cup yoke for lifting beams without effort. Suction cups prevent damage to the load while guaranteeing unrivalled comfort of use.
The Aero Timber handling assistance...

  • Lifts beams up to 500 kg
  • Beams up to 8 meters in length
  • Stability and Safety

Aero Manuboy

Aero Manuboy – Suction cup rudder for panels up to 26 m and 800 kg.
Aero Manuboy is the ideal solution for the installation of cladding or roofing. This high quality solution is made for outdoor and autonomous work thanks...

  • Lifting panels up to 800 kg and 26 m wide
  • Autonomy thanks to on-board batteries
  • Resistant materials for outdoor use
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    Manut-LM is proud to be the #1 French Manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting Solutions!

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    Since its creation in 1987, Manut-LM offers top-quality innovative solutions

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    All Manut-LM products are made to measure to fit our clients needs

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    Our sales and technical teams are at your complete disposal to answer your needs quickly