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Manut-LM is the No. 1 French Manufacturer of Lifting Tube Handling Solutions.

Lifting heavy or bulky loads, as well as repetitive handling of products or packaging is the main cause of occupational diseases such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), back pain or joint pain. In order to eliminate these risks, Manut-LM designs ergonomic handling assistance solutions to relieve any strain on the operators.

Our product ranges are designed to facilitate daily handling operations, helping to maximize employee productivity while improving well-being at work.

Discover our different families of lifting devices: Lifting Tube Manipulators, Vacuum Lifters, Hoists, Handling Trolleys…

For any specific need, contact us to tell us about your problem: our Technical Sales and our Design Office are at your disposal to provide you with a responsive solution!

Vacuum lifters

Manut-LM offers an exclusive range of high quality vacuum lifters on the French market. These vacuum lifters can be ordered as standard or custom-made according to your needs. These lifting...


Lifting tube manipulators

The Manut-LM lifting tube handling solutions, manufactured in France in Ancenis (44), are load manipulators that assist operators in arduous or repetitive handling operations. These lifting...


Lifting trolleys and Stackers

The industrial handling stackers are mobile handling solutions that enable operators to handle heavy loads effortlessly. MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) result from the repetition of inappropriate...


Lifting Hoists

A hoist is an indispensable handling tool in all areas of activity where heavy loads can be lifted punctually. Very flexible in its installation and use, it can be used as a handling aid for all...


Jib cranes and overhead cranes

Manut-LM designs jib cranes, overhead cranes or monorails to support manipulators for lifting and moving heavy loads. Depending on the work environment, the surface to be covered and the load to be...

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    Manut-LM is proud to be the #1 French Manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting Solutions!

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    Since its creation in 1987, Manut-LM offers top-quality innovative solutions

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    All Manut-LM products are made to measure to fit our clients needs

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    Our sales and technical teams are at your complete disposal to answer your needs quickly