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Manut-LM joins the Piab Group and integrates its Lifting Automation division alongside TAWI

Manut-LM, the French leader in vacuum handling, is now part of the Piab Group, a global leader in automation solutions. This strategic union represents a major turning point for Manut-LM, paving the way for unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation in the materials handling industry.

For almost 40 years, Manut-LM has established itself as a leading manufacturer of Made in France vacuum lifting equipment, thanks to our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Joining the Piab Group not only enables us to strengthen our position on the French market, but also to benefit from powerful synergies with TAWI, another of the Group’s prestigious brands, specializing in smart lifting solutions.

The technical-commercial team at your disposal

Our technical sales representatives are at your disposal to study your project. They come to your company to offer you the ergonomic manual handling solution best suited to your needs, your operators and your processes.

Contact them if you want to discuss your handling needs!

Contact them

An after-sales service at your disposal

Our priority: Operator safety, quality of work, productivity by reducing handling times.

Our commitments: Availability and responsiveness at all times.

Our support: A versatile after-sales service ready to anticipate all your needs thanks to preventive maintenance actions so that your activity does not suffer from any production stoppage in order to maintain your productivity.

The design office makes your custom projects a reality

The engineering department designs handling aid solutions tailored to your needs.

They meet your expectations while respecting the ergonomics and habits of your operators. The suction cups, the power of the lifting tubes, the capacity of the hoists, etc., are all things that can be adapted to your needs!

The Manufacturing team!

Manut-LM designs and manufactures your manual handling assistance solutions at its premises in Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique, 44).

Our Made in France solutions are made by our teams of welders and fitters. Our premises allow you to weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum and test our solutions with your loads to ensure that they fully meet your request before installing them on your premises.
We wish the best quality for you!

An immersive showroom!

Our showroom in our premises in Ancenis (44), allows you to test our products in an immersive place like depots and industrial factories.

Here you have the opportunity to bring your own samples and try our handling solutions with it!

Contact us if you want to visit our premises and test our ergonomic handling solutions!

Our commitments







30 years of experience - Manual Handling Assistance

  • 2022

    Integration into the PIAB Group

  • 2019

    Construction of a new production site in Ancenis (44)

  • 2017

    Turnover of 6 000k€ and 33 employees

  • 2016

    Creation of a 150m² Showroom / Implementation of a Methods department

  • 2015

    Launch of the ERGO range to meet the challenges of the Logistics sector

  • 2014

    Creating an Export Service

  • 2013

    Takeover of Manut-LM by Eric Gruau / turnover of €3,100k and 19 employees

  • 2008

    Deployment of Aero-Lift ranges and trading activities: Marketing of Suction Cup Beams, Hoists and Handling Trolleys

  • 2003

    Integration of the Manufacturing Line of Lifting Tube Manipulators, EASY and MASTER ranges

  • 2000

    Integration of the Design Office / turnover of 1 350k€ and 10 employees

  • 1995

    Turnover of 700k€ and 7 employees

  • 1993

    Establishment of a network of resellers

  • 1991

    Installation in Ancenis of Manut-LM on a site of 2500m²

  • 1990

    Assembly and Testing Activity of Manipulators only / Turnover of 150k€ and 5 employees

  • 1987

    Creation of Manut-LM by Christophe Duchemin

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    Manut-LM is proud to be the #1 French Manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting Solutions!

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    Since its creation in 1987, Manut-LM offers top-quality innovative solutions

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    All Manut-LM products are made to measure to fit our clients needs

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    Our sales and technical teams are at your complete disposal to answer your needs quickly