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Satellite Jib Crane

Jib cranes and overhead cranes

A Satellite jib has a swivel that enables it to articulate its two arms. It is therefore possible for loads to be handled in confined or hard-to-reach areas by bypassing obstacles. This jib model, designed and manufactured in France by Manut-LM, offers many advantages. The suction passes through the arms of the jib, which bypasses the installation of a flexible suction tube and the area covered by the manipulator is greater than that of a simple triangular jib installation.

  • Low ceiling heights
  • Wide operating range
  • No suction tube

Technical details

A Satellite jib also called a Swivel jib is a support for lifting devices designed to assist in the manual handling of heavy loads.

They can accommodate lifting tube manipulators, suction cup lifting devices or hoists.

This type of Lifting jib is based on the same principle as the triangular jib but also has a second articulated arm. The lifting equipment therefore allows the handling of loads in confined areas, blocked by obstacles or hard to access. The area covered is therefore wider than on a standard jib.

The Satellite jib bypasses the installation of a suction tube because the suction passes through the inside of the arm. This feature enables to comply with the health and safety standards of sterile or demanding environments.

In addition, the Satellite jib guarantees installation in areas with low ceiling heights thanks to its optimized design. It is therefore compatible with a large number of areas where load handling is necessary.

Consult Manut-LM to find manual handling assistance solutions adapted to your specific environment.

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