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Manut-LM customer testimonials

The quality of Manut-LM is best described by our customers.

We have already installed more than 8000 handling solutions worldwide with a permanent concern for quality and customer satisfaction!

Handling of bins at E.Leclerc Drive

During the preparation of customer orders, the operators of E.Leclerc Drive stores must fill and stack bins in order to optimize the storage surface.

The bins can weigh up to 40 kg.
Manut-LM has designed an ergonomic solution to lift and stack bins effortlessly, quickly and safely.

Suction pad for worktops at Bio Habitat

Find out how we eliminated drudgery on a workstation at Bio Habitat, manufacturer of Mobile Homes in the Vendée.

In the production of kitchen equipment, the operators had to handle worktops to install them on the furniture. Manut-LM has proposed this vacuum lifting device fixed under the crane which eliminates the weight of the load.

The operators are then autonomous on the station and can work better, faster and without any pain.

Handling of Panels and Glazing at Rénoval

Handling of bulky plastic panels at Rénoval, a French manufacturer of pool enclosures.

A glass panel tipper allows the insertion of glazing into the pool enclosure frames with a vertical grip and horizontal removal.

A second panel manipulator allows the picking up of very large plastic panels by a single operator, something impossible to achieve manually.

Discover the video testimonial by clicking on the link.

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Floor handling at Bois Océane

When making floors, operators assemble boards to compose heavy and bulky panels. Once manufactured, the floor must be taken vertically, tilted and then deposited horizontally to be stored.

It is during this operation that the Manut-LM solution intervenes to completely eliminate the arduousness at this station but also to make the operator fully autonomous and maximize productivity.

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    Manut-LM is proud to be the #1 French Manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting Solutions!

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    Since its creation in 1987, Manut-LM offers top-quality innovative solutions

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