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Many companies store documents, spare parts or foodstuffs in trays in order to optimize the space used and facilitate transport and handling. Manut-LM designs and manufactures in France solutions to help manual handling of loads in order to relieve the weight of trays for operators.
Thanks to gripping tools specifically adapted to the shape, handle and weight of the trays, Manut-LM facilitates the work of operators while eliminating the risks of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) and improving their productivity.

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Demo of handling several trays at once at height

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Handling of trays by lifting tube

Mail sorting centers are a concrete example of tray storage. Tray handling is a daily occurrence and can be complicated for several reasons: the weight of the trays, the lifting heights and the need to store the trays in racks.
At industrial production sites, small parts are also stored in trays to simplify storage. Nevertheless, handling heavy trays poses problems of risk of injury or accidents.
The food industry is also concerned by these forms of storage for substances used in the production process.
Manut-LM takes into account all the specificities of the customers to answer the problems of weight, dimensions and environment.
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Stainless steel solution for effortless tray lifting

In order to respond to all handling problems, Manut-LM designs and manufactures in France customized manual handling solutions adapted to all types of loads and environments.

In this case, the ERGO Plus in stainless steel version allows the operator to handle trays up to 30 kg without any effort at a high speed. Ease of use, ergonomics and productivity! The gripping tool is a tray fork designed specifically for the model of trays used by our customers.

Installed on a custom-built overhead crane, our lifting tube manipulator is therefore an ideal solution to solve the risks of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) related to the handling of loads.

France 3 report on Manut-LM and tray handling

For its report on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), France 3 Pays de la Loire interviews the operators of a company in the food industry that use lifting tube manipulators manufactured in France by Manut-LM.

Trays filled with meat weigh 15 kg on average, they are heavy and source of MSDs for operators who handle them repeatedly throughout the day.

The ERGO Plus manual handling assistance solution with the tray fork gripping tool allows operators to no longer carry loads and are no longer prone to MSDs. The weight felt is no longer 15 kg but 0 kg!

This totally stainless steel solution complies with hygiene standards in accordance with the agri-food sector.

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