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Lifting doors can be complex: they are sometimes very large, heavy and have no handles or hooks to hold them easily. However, many companies are confronted with this concern, as is the case in the wood, construction or glazing sectors.

To help manufacturers and constructors in the handling of doors, Manut-LM manufactures in France solutions for manual handling by lifting tube. These solutions allow a single operator to carry and move doors weighing up to 300 kg, resulting in increased productivity while avoiding MSD, without damaging the load.

Manut-LM manufactures custom-made products according to the specificity of each customer’s loads and their production process: pick-up and drop-off at height, tilting of doors, handling of filmed doors…

Manut-LM exports its door handling solutions

Handling doors poses problems of arduousness when carrying loads and safety, both for the operator and for the material being transported.

The advantage of Manut-LM vacuum handling solutions is that productivity is enhanced by this highly flexible manipulator. The operator no longer has to work hard, and he becomes autonomous at his workstation.

In the case of this video, we have implemented the MASTER Plus panel manipulator in Estonia!

Door handling

Manut-LM is able to respond to the specific problems of companies, such as lifting and moving doors that have been filmed to be protected from external impacts.

Handling doors is tricky because the surface is smooth and has no grip to help the operator grab the doors, especially when they are filmed. A conventional vacuum system would only vacuum the protective film from the door.

To remedy this problem, Manut-LM’s design office developed a lifting tube manipulator solution and added spikes to the suction cups. This development allows the plastic film to be pierced without damaging the load, thus making it possible to achieve the air suction necessary for handling filmed doors.

This lifting device allows you to handle doors in an ergonomic way while protecting them. The employee also gains in productivity and comfort.

Take a look at our achievements and discover how our solutions can be adapted to your business sector!

Options tailored to your needs

Manut-LM is committed to offering you solutions that meet your needs as much as possible and that combine ergonomics and productivity.
The MASTER Plus tilter option helps the operator to rotate the door around an 80° axis. A single operator can then do an action alone that would require multiple people without the toggle option.

The automatic lift has the function of raising the manipulator automatically, after releasing the load and allows the doors to be installed easily and safely, on all types of planes. This option provides flexibility to the operator.

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Handling of wooden doors

The handling of wooden doors is a complex operation. The irregular surface of a door, the porous side of some woods, its density and weight make it a source of loss of productivity and occupational diseases.

A 40 kg door must be handled by two operators in non-ergonomic positions. Your operators therefore need tools that allow them to improve their productivity.

The lifting tube handling assistance solutions developed by Manut-LM make it possible to avoid MSDs, reduce sick leave and work stoppages, common in the wood sector. This tool will be all the more appreciated if it can allow them to avoid injury or suffering from back pain.

By manufacturing each device to measure, Manut-LM adapts the gripping tools to the shapes of each door in order to offer products that perfectly meet the needs of customers.

Handling of glass doors

The handling of glass doors is dangerous and risky because the windows are fragile. They can break, and must therefore be handled by several operators, resulting in a loss of productivity and a danger for employees.

Manut-LM has developed a handling solution to pick up and tilt doors or bay windows without endangering the operator and without risking damage to the glass.

The suction cup manipulator provides flexibility to the employee, who can then pivot, install and take the door easily. The suction cups have been studied to leave no trace of adhesion on the windows.

If your request is specific, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a tailor-made plan by our design office.

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