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The Manut-LM lifting tube handling solutions, manufactured in France in Ancenis (44), are load manipulators that assist operators in arduous or repetitive handling operations.
These lifting devices relieve the weight of the loads thanks to a control handle associated with a tube that retracts thanks to the vacuum generated by suction. This technology is ideal for all suction cup handling operations.
Manut-LM manipulators allow fast, precise and effortless manual lifting and moving of loads up to 300 kg.
Manual load handling by suction and lifting tube is a faster and more ergonomic technology than other solutions on the market.
It maximizes operator productivity while reducing the drudgery of work and the risk of sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Manut-LM products are equipped with safety devices that ensure permanent load retention to eliminate the risk of unintentional release.

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ERGO Fast – Lifting Tube manipulator designed to move loads one-handed while maintaining a sustained pace. Ideal for palletising boxes, crates and drums up to 30kg. The operator places the control handle at the top of its...

  • Up to 30kg
  • One-hand handling
  • Improved sequences
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ERGO Plus – Manual Load Handling Support Solution by Lifting Tube.
Thanks to an extended articulated arm as standard, ERGO Plus relieves operators of the risk of MSDs by allowing loads to be grasped on the ground and...

  • Loads less than 30kg
  • Remote load handling
  • Maximum ergonomics
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EASY Fast – Manual handling assistance device that reproduces the usual movements of operators at their workstation with two-handed handling. The whole thing is made more manoeuvrable when the load is heavy, thus increasing...

  • Weight up to 50 kg
  • Ideal for palletizing bags
  • Total elimination of arduousness
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EASY Plus – Lifting tube manipulator for Assistance in the Manual Handling of Loads up to 150 kg.
Thanks to its standard extended and articulated control handle, Easy Plus allows effortless handling of height of heavy...

  • Lifting up to 150kg
  • Ground and height handling
  • Optimized ergonomics
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Master Fast

MASTER Fast – Lifting Tube manipulator for loads up to 300 kg
Master Fast allows comfortable and accurate double-handed handling thanks to its rotary handle. The operator can manage the speed of lifting and lowering the...

  • Up to 300kg
  • Accuracy of load lifting
  • Stabilisation of load at mid-height
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Master Plus

MASTER Plus – The solution for bulky loads: lifting tube manipulator up to 300 kg
Thanks to its extended arm, Master Plus is the ideal tool for rapid and effortless lifting of heavy and/or voluminous loads allowing grip...

  • Panels and loads up to 300kg
  • Comfortable lifting of bulky loads
  • Parking of load
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Master Plus – Tilter Option

MASTER Plus – Lifting tube manipulator with load tilter option
Designed for ergonomic handling of panels, Master Plus with tipper option is a lifting-tube handling solution that can carry and tilt bulky loads up to...

  • Panels up to 180kg
  • Load tilting up to 80°
  • Ideal for production sites
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Master Plus – Articulated Arm Option

MASTER Plus – Heavy Load Articulated Arm Option
Lifting Tube manipulator for heavy loads up to 250kg
Designed specifically for lifting heavy and/or bulky loads at height, the MASTER Plus control handle with...

  • Weight up to 250kg
  • Remote or high lifting
  • Ideal for bulky loads
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