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Handling operations often involve strenuous physical effort. In case of prolonged repetition, manual handling can be the cause of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) and other occupational diseases.

Manut-LM designs and manufactures in France solutions to assist manual handling, allowing operators to be completely relieved of the weight and the gestures and postures to adopt.

These handling solutions, also called cobotic solutions, are based on ergonomic studies of the various workstations in order to provide answers to the needs of manual lifting of loads.

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Manut-LM is able to lift all types of loads. We design customized solutions to meet your handling needs!
Thanks to its efficient design office, Manut-LM is able to provide handling solutions in any sector of activity.

After studying your needs and constraints, Manut-LM offers you efficient handling solutions to improve your performance.

Coil handling

For the handling of coils, Manut-LM offers customized handling solutions.

Indeed, after analyzing your request, Manut-LM will be able to offer you a unique solution that will allow you to handle your coils without any risk of MSD and in an efficient way to improve your output.

Our gripping tools are specifically designed to adapt to a wide range of coil sizes, allowing for quick gripping of coils without the risk of damaging them.

Handling of cement bags

Manut-LM offers tailor-made handling solutions for outdoor work.

For the handling of loads outdoors ergonomically and fluidly, Manut-LM offers weatherproof handling assistance solutions.

Manipulators can be installed directly on production units (concrete plants, etc.) to, for example, feed a hopper on a construction site.

In this photo, we installed a manipulator to supply a concrete plant with a cement bag.

Handling of containers

The handling of containers is a long-term operation, Manut-LM has designed a gripping tool capable of handling up to 33 containers at a time.

This saving of time and efficiency makes it possible to preserve the health of the operators.

This handling aid tool makes it possible to palletize pallets at the end of the production line.

Manut-LM develops tools that meet the various standards of the food industry.

Handling ham bars

Manut-LM has created manipulators adapted to the standards of the food industry.

Ham bars are heavy and slippery loads. Manut-LM has developed gripping tools with suction cups to handle loads without damaging them.

The manipulators can be installed on satellite stems for a minimal footprint, but also on forklifts so that they can be moved on several production lines or on overhead cranes.

Manut-LM designs tailor-made tools according to the load to be handled and the working environment.

Handling of concrete curbs

Manut-LM worked on a concrete curb handling project.

The design office has chosen to use a gripping tool with clamps, which will make it possible to handle heavy loads without any effort and above all, without risk of falling load.

To handle concrete loads, we can also equip our manipulators with suction cups adapted to the high weight of these loads and their gripping surfaces.

The use of a manipulator with a custom-made gripping tool will improve your handling rate while protecting operators from the risk of MSDs.

Handling of glass panels

Manut-LM works for several glass panel production plants.

The difficulty is to handle heavy, bulky and extremely fragile loads.

Manut-LM has therefore created high-performance gripping tools capable of handling panels at the end of the line without risk of damaging them.

Several options can be added on the manipulators such as the tilter or articulated arm option to handle loads at height.

Handling of automotive parts

Manut-LM installs its manipulators in automotive production plants.

Thanks to the tailor-made design of its gripping tools, Manut-LM manipulators are used on motor vehicle production lines. Indeed, these chains require gripping tools adapted to the particular shape of the parts for assembly.

The manipulators allow parts to be handled by a single operator, without any risk of MSDs.

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