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The handling of cardboard boxes is a very present activity in the logistics sector, but also in all sectors of activity involving the transport and handling of products. Lifting boxes is a time-consuming and physically demanding activity. It is necessary to equip the operators to maximize the productivity of this task while reducing the human risks related to bad gestures and postures.

In order to assist operators in handling cardboard boxes of all weights, shapes and volumes, Manut-LM has developed cobotic manipulators in the form of Manual Handling Solutions.
Thanks to a control handle associated with a lifting tube, the operator is able to lift up to 300 kg in an ergonomic way by completely eliminating the weight of his load.

All types of cartons can be lifted, but using different gripping tools depending on the type of cardboard boxes.
The flute of the cardboard will be a determining factor in the choice of the solution. Suction cups are preferred for thicker materials, and mechanical gripping tools (pliers, trays…) for thinner materials.

Moreover, depending on the type of manipulation to be performed by the operator, the recommended solution will be different.
If handling is done on the floor or at height, a control handle with an extended articulated arm is recommended.
For a tilting of the cardboard box in order to arrange it in the direction of the production line, a load tilter option will be necessary.
When lifting several cardboard boxes at a time, a MASTER model with an extended rotating handle is more suitable.

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Video – Cardboard handling

Manut-LM provides solutions to the logistics industry by offering customized products adapted to the specific needs of each customer.

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Handling of standard cardboard boxes at high speeds

Do you handle large quantities of boxes?
Your operators therefore need tools to improve their productivity in order to keep up with the production rates you need. However, increasing productivity on repetitive lifting operations can quickly lead to MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), back pain or other injuries that cause work stoppages.
Manut-LM has developed handling solutions using lifting tubes that allow high speeds to be maintained while reducing human risks.
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Handling bulky boxes

The handling of bulky boxes can be restrictive on several levels: no solid grip to carry, poor posture when grasping the load, need for several operators to lift or excessive weight.
These cases have the effect of reducing the productivity of operators, and are direct causes of pain and work stoppages.
Manut-LM has designed solutions that allow the lifting of heavy and bulky boxes without any effort in order to adapt to the problems of all sectors of activity. The technology of our lifting tube handling solutions makes it possible to make operators autonomous in the lifting of these loads by offering them great flexibility of movement. The risks of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) are therefore eliminated.
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Handling of several boxes

For activities that require high productivity efficiency on standardized packages, Manut-LM offers lifting tube handling solutions that allow several boxes to be lifted at once.
Ideal for pallet loading and unloading operations, these heavy load manipulators allow a single operator to minimize the time spent on such tasks and focus on more important actions.
Beyond the productivity gain, Manut-LM solutions strive to always offer ergonomic products that guarantee the comfort and integrity of operators. Repetitive handling of cardboard boxes can lead to MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). With this lifting tube manipulator, the health hazard is removed.
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Cardboard boxes handling with tilting

On production lines or in workshops, cartons containing raw material sometimes need to be moved and then tipped in order to empty the contents.
If the content is heavy, this manipulation can have immediate consequences for the health of operators. Indeed, the rocking of a cardboard can force to adopt non-ergonomic postures and cause back pain, especially if the contents are heavy.
With the Master Plus control handle and its Load Tilter Option, Manut-LM offers a complete lifting tube handling solution for picking and tilting all types of bulky loads.
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Handling cardboard boxes at height

During palletizing or depalletizing operations, operators may have to handle cartons of different weights and sizes at height or close to the ground. During hand manipulations, the gestures and postures adopted are very often non-ergonomic and can cause pain or accidents.
To remedy these risks and offer ergonomic solutions that improve operator productivity and autonomy, Manut-LM has developed lifting tube handling solutions with elongated and articulated control handles. The operator can therefore grasp loads at height, deposit them on the ground and vice versa without adopting a bad posture.
No need for a stepladder or to be with others! A single operator can handle cardboard boxes palletizing effortlessly smoothly and quickly.
You will find examples of achievements in this video.
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They improve operator productivity and reduce the risk of MSDs.

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