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Compact Size Jib Crane

Jib cranes and overhead cranes

The space-saving jib cranes are designed to maximize the height of the attachment for the handling tool. Unlike triangular jib cranes, they are at right angles, which reduces both the space required above and below the support.
They can therefore be integrated in confined work areas with little available ceiling height while at the same time offering a high handling height.

  • Ideal for low ceiling heights
  • High pick up and drop level
  • Available in steel, galvanized or stainless steel

Technical details

Product storage areas can sometimes be located in confined spaces due to space constraints. However, loads can be heavy and difficult to handle.

Thanks to an “i-Iron” or Space-Saving Jib, Manut-LM can provide solutions to assist manual handling in areas that are apparently unsuited to the task.

As this type of jib crane is at right angles and not triangular, it allows lifting devices for cardboard boxes, bags or buckets to be hung at a higher level than standard jib cranes, for a lower working height.

Manual handling assistance solutions can then be easily inserted into the most demanding environments.
Manut-LM designs and manufactures made-to-measure lifting tube jib cranes and manipulators for each individual customer. Our teams of technical sales representatives are available to audit your working environment in order to define the most appropriate handling solution for your needs.

Contact us to find out how to improve your work processes and optimize workstation ergonomics.

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