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A hoist is an indispensable handling tool in all areas of activity where heavy loads can be lifted punctually. Very flexible in its installation and use, it can be used as a handling aid for all types of users and loads.
It is complementary to other lifting solutions because it is slower and is not customised to the desired load and activity process, but it is very useful for various and specific needs. The Manut-LM range includes many types of hoists, depending on the type of feed desired, the control mode, but also the maximum load weight.
The hoists in the Manut-LM range can lift up to 2 tons. A gripping tool is attached that holds the load while the hoist carries it. These products are therefore complementary to the range of vacuum lifting devices offered by Manut-LM.
In this context, the most common type of hoist is the electric hoist. It works on mains and does not need any other infrastructure than the support on which it will be fixed: gallows or bridge crane.
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Kito Sensitive Hoist

Kito Sensitive Hoist – Efficiency and Performance
The Kito BAB Hoist is an ideal answer for workshops or warehouses required to lift regular loads of up to 240kg to heights of 5m. The different versions of the Kito BAB...

  • Sensitive control with adjustable speed
  • Load weight up to 240kg
  • Robustness and Reliability
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