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Kito Sensitive Hoist

Lifting Hoists

Kito Sensitive Hoist – Efficiency and Performance
The Kito BAB Hoist is an ideal answer for workshops or warehouses required to lift regular loads of up to 240kg to heights of 5m. The different versions of the Kito BAB allow adaptation to all handling requirements.

  • Sensitive control with adjustable speed
  • Load weight up to 240kg
  • Robustness and Reliability

Technical details

Sensitive Kito Palan – Many Options, One Level of Performance

Kito Sensitif is a versatile hoist designed to adapt to all environments : a simple 220V mains connection allows use on a gallows or mobile crane.

The lightness of Kito makes it easy to handle, ergonomic and ready to respond to operators’ productivity requirements. It is also made of resistant materials (IP 54), making it robust and reliable in the long term.

Designed in different capacities, Kito may in its maximum configuration reach a height of 5m with a chain, canvas tray and stacker (included). Depending on the configurations, it may also lift from 60 kg in its basic version up to 240kg by doubling the chain.

These settings are configured at the time of the order, with your advisor Manut-LM who is at your disposal to guide you in the choice of the handling assistance solution best suited to your needs.

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