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Triangular Jib Crane

Jib cranes and overhead cranes

Manut-LM triangular jib cranes with a sliding rail are a simple and economical solution to secure all types of lifting equipment and to ease the manual handling of loads. Robust, with a capacity to handle very heavy loads, these jib cranes can be easily and quickly installed in your working environment.
Take advantage of Manut-LM’s expertise and the quality of products manufactured in France.

  • Lightweight use
  • Operating range of up to 6 metres x 270°
  • Low cost

Technical details

The support is an integral part of the Manut-LM handling assistance solution.

Focusing only on the definition of the gripping equipment, the customer’s requirements are only partially satisfied, as far as ergonomics are concerned and eliminating the difficult working conditions of the workstation.

Indeed for this reason, the support must be adapted to the manipulator but also to the constraints of your environment. Triangular jib cranes with sliding rails can be easily installed in a warehouse, production site or workshop.

Many configurations are possible: the triangular jib cranes can be installed on a column anchored to the ground, wall-mounted directly or column-mounted in your building. In addition, mobile solutions can be offered by Manut-LM: jib cranes on a mobile base enabling the solution to be moved completely using an industrial truck.

This solution is therefore very flexible and above all quick to implement. It meets the constraints of manufacturers in terms of price, flexibility and deadlines.

Contact us to obtain a study of your working environment and to propose lifting jib cranes adapted to your production site.

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