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Aero Turner 180 ° – Suction cup rudder that turns 180 ° Metal Panels, Plastic, Glazing up to 250kg
Panels sometimes need to be reversed by 180° during treatment of surfaces, painting, or laser cutting processes. Aero Reverser 180° provides a solution to this problem with a simple and effective pneumatic reversal system, that increases both comfort and productivity

  • Panels up to 250kg
  • Up to 3 meters wide
  • Complete reversal to 180°

Technical details

Aero Reverser 180° – for reversing panels to 180°
Reversal of panels is a dangerous operation and causes MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), especially when loads are heavy and/or bulky. This situation is frequently encountered in the industrial sector, when metal panels or melamine boards are painted, for example.

However, handling heavy or bulky loads can carry many risks: occupational diseases work stoppages and accidents.

Aero Reverser 180° overcomes these hazards while maximising the independence and productivity of operators: it allows a single person to reverse panels up to 3 meters wide and 250kg in weight. This lifting device, which runs on a hoist, is the ideal handling solution for joinery and plate mills.

Aero Reverser 180° is designed using high-quality materials to ensure reliability and guarantee operator safety and a high level of productivity.

Discover the different sizes and weights of panels that can be lifted and reversed by Aero Reverser 180° and call us to discover the possibilities offered by our products. Our advisers are ready to listen to you and provide the optimal solution.

  • Capacity
    Up to 250kg as standard
  • Load Format
    Panels of all forms and dimensions (without limits)
  • Diameter of suction cups
    From 110 to 270mm
  • Adjustment of suckers
  • Main beam
    Up to 3000mm as standard
  • Transverse beam
  • Type of power supply
    230V / 400V / 24V (on batteries)
  • Type of control
    Sliding valve, push-button or radio control
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