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Aero Flat to Flat

Vacuum lifters

Aero Flat to Flat – Handling of panels up to 2 tons
The handling of sheets of metal or non-porous materials (plastic, melamine etc) in the production process, can require several people to lift extremely heavy loads and move them quickly and accurately. Thanks to Aero Flat to Flat, a single operator can lift large loads weighing up to 2 tons.

  • Panels up to 2 tons
  • Up to 3 meters wide
  • Simple lifting with hoist

Technical details

Aero Flat to Flat – Flat gripping and flat positioning

In the wood, metal, plastic or sheet-metal production, the process of handling panels can be both frequent and complicated. Using a suction-cup yoke then becomes essential in order to simplify the process of handling panels and make it safe.
Thanks to an air-vacuum system created at the suction cups (gripping tools), Aero Flat to Flat is a very efficient manipulator of non-porous loads, allowing operators to work independently on lifting panels. A single person can thus quickly move up to 2 tons, multiplying productivity by a factor of ten.

Aero Flat to Flat must be combined with a hoist to allow lifting of the load.
Aero Flat to Flat is designed using high-resistance, guaranteeing high performance and an exceptional lifetime. It can be produced in different sizes and capacities according to the dimensions of the panels to be lifted.

Discover the configurations available in the technical table attached, or contact us to find the solution best suited to your needs and activity.

  • Capacity
    Up to 40 tons
  • Load Format
    Panels, all dimensions (without limits!)
  • Diameter of suction cups
    From 110 to 350mm
  • Adjustment of suckers
  • Main beam
    2200mm standard / Additional measurement unlimited
  • Transverse beam
    1000mm standard / Additional measurement unlimited
  • Device height
    From 750mm to 950mm as standard
  • Type of power supply
    230V / 400V / 24V (on batteries)
  • Type of control
    Sliding valve / push-button / radio control
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