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Aero Manuboy

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Aero Manuboy – Suction cup rudder for panels up to 26 m and 800 kg.
Aero Manuboy is the ideal solution for the installation of cladding or roofing. This high quality solution is made for outdoor and autonomous work thanks to its batteries.
It has a large lifting capacity, ideal for construction sites.

  • Lifting panels up to 800 kg and 26 m wide
  • Autonomy thanks to on-board batteries
  • Resistant materials for outdoor use

Technical details

Aero Manuboy – Lifting machine for cladding and roofing up to 26 m wide and 800 kg.

Aero Manuboy is a suction cup rudder equipped with batteries allowing it to handle large loads outdoors without electrical intake.

This handling assistance solution is specially dedicated to the assembly of walls (cladding) or roofs, because it can adapt very advantageously to all possible configurations.

It is possible to adapt the number of suction cups, their spacing and distribution according to the surface area and load weight.

In addition, Aero Manuboy is able to position the panels flat, 45° or horizontally depending on the type of site and handling.

Aero Manuboy is a mobile solution that can be used from one site to another in a very simple way thanks to a suitable storage box. The installation of panels, cladding and roofing activities now become simpler with Aero Manuboy.

Our teams are at your disposal to configure Aero Manuboy according to your needs: do not hesitate to contact us to know the solutions adapted to your activity.

Tip: Aero Manuboy is available for rent for a specific need!

  • Capacity
    Up to 800 kg as standard
  • Load Format
    Vertical, horizontal or diagonal panels
  • Panel dimensions
    up to 26 m long
  • Adjustment of suction cups
  • Type of power supply
    24V on batteries
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