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Handling stem: the Manut-LM guide!

Is there not enough space in your warehouse or factory to install a gantry or overhead crane? A handling stem is probably the best solution. Whether wall-mounted, drum-mounted or mobile, handling rods are overhead lifting devices frequently used in small work cells for repetitive lifting tasks. What are the different types of stems? How do you determine which one is right for you?

Our Manut-LM specialists provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Published on 22 August 2023 - Doug Gimie

What is a handling stem?

The handling or lifting stem is an aerial device used for handling and lifting repetitive loads. Of metal construction, it is installed in a circular space on large construction sites, in a workshop or an industry.

The handling stem can also be called a rotary crane and is used for repetitive lifting operations. It is usually combined with a crane or an overhead crane, thanks to a modular device.

This device can handle products weighing up to 15 tons even in the smallest workstations. However, it is imperative to comply with the standards and rules of the European Federation of Handling when designing. This measure is intended to guarantee the safety of handlers or any other user.

You must pass a suitability test before operating a lifting stem, followed by tests provided for by the regulations in force.

The personnel responsible for maintaining this equipment must set up a maintenance book containing all the technical inspections carried out.

What are the different types of handling stems?

Handling stems are lifting devices characterized by the load gripping capacity and the place of attachment. Thus, there are:

Wall handling stems

Wall lifting stems are usually attached to a wall. We distinguish two types of wall stems, including

  • Wall handling stems with inverted boom for lifting loads of nearly 4000 kg;
  • Wall-handling rods with triangulated boom with a lifting capacity of 2000 kg.

Note that the spire of the triangulated wall stem is either hollow profile or profile I. In addition, the inverted wall stem spire is in IPE profile.

Lightweight and with a lifting height of up to 8000 mm, they are capable of rotating 180°. Manual or motorized, these stems make it possible to declutter a workstation from the smallest to the largest.

Wall handling stems with an articulated boom

The wall stem with an articulated boom has two articulated arms giving it the possibility to avoid certain obstacles. It easily lifts loads of 2 to 5 m from the ground with precision.

This machine is capable of lifting a load of 250 kg by rotating on an axis from 180 ° to 300 °. There are derivatives including:

  • The wall stem with articulated boom with self-supporting hubs, (maximum reach of 1000 kg);
  • The suspended stem with self-supporting hubs, one of the two arms can rotate 350 ° while the other does it 300 °.

These types of lifting tools give the possibility of making difficult movements on a fixed point.

Handling stems on drums or columns

The drum handling stem is the most widespread. It is in high demand in the indoor and outdoor service industries, to move packages weighing several kilograms.

It is blocked on the ground thanks to a chemical seal or anchor rods and a solid made of concrete. Its boom is inverted or triangulated, rotating from 270° to 360°.

This type of stem can lift loads of up to 10 tons and more than nine meters above the ground.

Mobile handling stems

The mobile handling stem is preferred in confined spaces. It is capable of handling objects whose weight varies between 150 and 500 kg. It is sometimes associated with a forklift or an overhead crane in order to be moved.

This type of stem is generally equipped with so-called “all-terrain” wheels to circulate on smooth or steep grounds. Dusty areas require movable stems with a hollow profile triangulated boom.

What are the criteria for choosing a handling stem

The choice of your handling stem depends on the activity or environment to which it is subjected. Generally, the handling stem is solicited as part of precision work thanks to its short arm. How to choose it?

There are several criteria to consider when equipping a workstation.

  • The type of stem (electric or manual);
  • The maximum height sought;
  • The weight of the object to be moved and the reach capacity.

You should also consider:

  • The height of the building;
  • The reach capacity of the arm of the device;
  • The angle of rotation (between 180° and 360°.)

This machine requires neither a profound transformation of the reception area, nor a colossal work for the installation.

You can still find stems with total or partial rotation, stems with IPE profile.

Manut-LM offers tailor-made handling stems

We put a wide range of stems and other custom-made handling equipment at your disposal, including:

  • The satellite stem
    : it has an elbow to easily move both arms. Solicited in tight spaces, it diverts obstacles. Its height is reduced and has a wide rotation;

  • The stem kit
    : stem on barrel, galvanized steel or aluminum, it is very easy to handle and lifts objects of nearly 50 kg;

  • The small footprint
    : it easily adapts to areas with reduced height (from floor to ceiling);

  • The triangulated stem
    : it is used to move heavy objects, with a 270° rotation.

Manut-LM handling or lifting stems are designed to easily accommodate your work surface.

In addition, our specialists design accessories to help with the use of our lifting devices such as the industrial truck or hoists (Comepal CR).

The handling stem is a very important machine for lifting and moving heavy objects. The manipulation is done in a specific space surrounding a work area. From the wall stem to the stem on electric or manual drum, make your choice.

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What is a handling stem?

A handling stem is a machine that is used to move loads in a workshop or workstation.

What types of handling stems exist?

There are several of the gallows:

  • Wall stems with inverted or triangulated arrow;
  • Wall stems with articulated arrow;
  • Gallows on barrels or columns
What are the important things to remember when choosing a handling stem?

To choose a handling stem, it is necessary to take into account:

  • Its height;
  • His gender;<
  • The mass of the object to be handled;
  • The angle of rotation (between 180° and 360°.)
What handling stems does Manut-LM offer?

Manut-Lm offers a wide range of tailor-made stems, including:

  • The triangulated gallows;
  • The satellite gallows;
  • The small footprint stem;
  • Etc
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