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How to avoid the risk of handling accidents?

Handling accidents are classified as the leading causes of accidents at work (excluding commuting) covered by social security. About a third of accidents reported by companies are due to handling. The risk of accidents is related to the nature of the load, the excessive number of operations and repetitive movements without interruption. They can lead to permanent disabilities, particularly in public works.

Specialists in ergonomic solutions in the field of handling, our Manut-LM experts reveal in the rest of this article how to avoid accidents at work and work stoppages related to handling.

Published on 24 August 2023 - Doug Gimie

What are the causes of handling accidents?

Handling refers to the movement or carrying of a load that requires the physical effort of one or more people. This effort is used to lift, place, push, pull, carry and move a heavy load.

Generally, handling accidents are caused by certain adverse conditions within the company.

These main causes are:

  • The development of activities in a logistics structure (warehouse, port, etc.);
  • The absence of ergonomic manual handling equipment.

Other conditions or factors favor handling accidents in a company and make manual handling difficult.

These are:

  • Factors related to the load (weight, size and shape of the load);
  • Workspace-related factors (cramped workspace, cluttered floor, aisles in poor condition, slippery floor, etc.);
  • Environmental factors (cold or hot atmosphere, bad weather, deafening noises);
  • Organisational factors (fast pace of work, repetitive movements, emergency work, shift work, night work).

How to prevent and avoid handling accidents?

It is important for an employer to pay attention to the environment, the type of floor and the size of the room in which the workers work. Manual handling of a load should be avoided as much as possible.

To do this, the employer must invest in the use of mechanical equipment or handling equipment. Even with occasional transport, there is significant exposure to the risk of accidents. This is why the use of light auxiliary equipment to transport loads is essential.

Here are some of the risks to which workers or operators are exposed:

  • The high vibrations of the machines and other equipment used;
  • Postural stresses that affect the spine;
  • Bruises;
  • Muscle bruises;
  • Trauma due to falls.

Avoid handling accidents with Manut-LM!

Mechanical handling is an operation that involves the use of transport equipment or equipment to avoid the risks associated with
manual handling of loads

Lifting devices such as cranes, self-propelled forklifts and overhead cranes are used for mechanical handling. They help reduce tedious tasks.

All medically fit employees must be systematically trained in the use of handling equipment and therefore obtain the CACES.

Finally, the employer and his employees must identify dangerous situations on a daily basis and try to find solutions to avoid them. This detected risk or hazard must be included in the Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document (DUS).
You can find solutions to all your handling problems without installing additional structures at Manut-LM.

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and benefit from handling solutions adapted to your activity for the greater well-being of your employees.

What can be the major consequence of uninterrupted handling work?

When you perform non-stop handling work, you may develop musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

What is the difference between manual handling and mechanical handling?

Manual handling is an operation of transporting, lifting, laying and moving heavy loads that requires the physical effort of one or more workers. Mechanical handling is an operation that requires the use of transport equipment or equipment.

What is CACES used for?

The CACES validates your ability to drive handling or lifting equipment.

How to avoid handling accidents?

Here are some tips to avoid handling accidents:

  • Avoid slippery places;
  • Limit repetitive and uninterrupted manual movements;
  • Store a first aid kit in a conspicuous place
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