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Handling solution: to improve your performance!

Handling is an important activity that applies to any field where manufacturing, logistics and transport of objects are involved. This activity is divided into four stages, including lifting, holding, moving and storing materials. In the past, handling was done manually, today with technological advances, it is possible to transport heavy load objects using handling solutions.

In this new guide, our Manut-LM experts give you the different handling solutions and their importance.

Published on 18 August 2023 - Doug Gimie

What is handling?

Handling is an activity that consists of transporting an object or goods of heavy load at a reduced distance. The movement can be done either by manual effort or with gripping tools. In business, handling boils down to loading, moving and unloading objects.

What is a material handling solution?

A handling solution is a concrete response to a lifting or gripping difficulty. It includes the use of handling tools that will lift, hold and transport goods or objects to their destination. These include, for example, gripper arms, gallows gantries, devils or overhead cranes among other devices.

How to choose the right handling equipment?

Several criteria must be taken into account before choosing your handling equipment. These criteria are:

  • The type of handling;
  • The weight and type of loads;
  • The shape of the object;
  • Frequency of use;
  • The place of use.

What are the different handling equipment?

There is a host of handling equipment widely requested by companies operating in various fields, including:

  • Manual handling trucks;
  • The handling devils;
  • Overhead cranes;
  • Electric hoists;
  • Gallows gantries.

Our Manut-LM Material Handling Solutions

As the No. 1 manufacturer of lifting tools and devices, we offer you a wide range of tailor-made handling solutions. With us, you will be entitled to any type of lifting device adaptable to your workstation. We have products such as:

So, don’t wait any longer! Let us know your needs! We will naturally be delighted to provide you with concrete and tailor-made solutions to all your handling problems.

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