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EASY Fast – New features

Manut-LM’s permanent R&D policy enables it to continually propose product innovations in order to offer the market the most relevant and ergonomic products. The evolutions brought to the EASY Fast manipulator allow to optimize the lifting and the handling of heavy and difficult loads, in particular in food industry.
With carefully considered new innovative features and optimized ergonomics, the 2019 version of the EASY fast manipulator offers a whole new look and provides more comfort and productivity for food industry operators, namely:
– An easy-to-remove load system.
Ideal, especially when handling bags, this feature allows you to release the loads sucked up by the suction cup without any effort. With this new system, EASY Fast further improves the ergonomics provided to the user.
– A new composite material housing.
This device makes the handling solution lighter and thus provides important benefits: improved maneuverability, increased operator throughput and higher payload capacity. This new housing is ideal for the smooth handling of loads packed in bags, cans or cartons.

Published on 31 January 2019 - Manut-LM

A manipulator particularly adapted to the handling of bags

In addition to its multi-tasking function, EASY fast is the ideal tool for lifting and handling all types of bags.

Indeed, thanks to its suction cup lifting system, EASY fast allows the handling of bags of salt, dyes or various powders for example, in a simple and ergonomic way, by creating an air vacuum at the level of the gripping tool (suction cup) which allows the lifting tube to lift the load without difficulty.

Thus, the EASY fast manipulator offers greater ease of control of the handling operations.

A safe lifting solution with many advantages

From a technical point of view, EASY fast has been designed to lift cartons, bags, cans, etc., up to 50 kg without affecting the operator in terms of load weight, work habits or speed.

The control handle grip built into the manipulator’s lifting unit replicates the power grip of an operator lifting a load. This natural gesture contributes to reducing the risk of RSI and also to simplifying the operator’s palletizing or depalletizing routine.

The optimized handling of the new version of the manipulator is of great importance when the load to be handled is heavy or the movement to be performed is repetitive. This maneuverability makes the work of the operators even easier and offers a significant gain in productivity.

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