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A new solution for handling custom-made coils!

As part of the ongoing search for “business” solutions adapted to each activity, Manut-LM has designed and manufactured a tool to optimize the lifting and tilting of packaging film reels.

Published on 1 March 2019 - Manut-LM

Video – Lifting and Tipping of Coils

Today we present you with solutions for handling coils that are specific to the needs of our customers, including a tilter option to allow effortless pick-up and drop-off.

The gripping tool is chosen according to the type of coil: mandrel or suction cup, and the solution is installed on a jib crane or a custom-designed crane!

An innovative manipulator-tipper

In partnership with PALAMY, Manut-LM has developed and implemented an innovative tool for lifting and handling plastic film reels for its production site in May-sur-Evre (49122): the MASTER Plus reel tipper, with an optional custom-made gripping tool dedicated to the lifting of industrial reels.

Like the companies that have already placed their trust in Manut-LM, PALAMY was able to benefit from support throughout the project, from the definition of the most suitable solution to its installation and handling, including tests in Manut-LM’s own workshops. Manut-LM’s proximity to its customers and its design office’s capacity for innovation have enabled it to fully satisfy PALAMY’s requirements and needs.

With the new MASTER Plus coil tipper, PALAMY now has a tailor-made lifting tool capable of handling very specific loads up to 70 kg!

Facilitate the handling of coils to be palletized to improve production rates

French manufacturer of plastic films for industrial packaging for 50 years, PALAMY produces plastic film reels of different weights, sizes and diameters.

The growth of PALAMY’s activity generated constraints in the production process: the weight of the coils to be lifted was a brake on the improvement of productivity.

During the process, the manufactured coils arrive horizontally from the slitter and must be tilted to be palletized. Until now, this operation was performed by operators who manually tipped coils weighing up to 70 kg. This operating mode required a significant physical effort for the operators, particularly at the level of the back, and generated tediousness, pain, fatigue and MSD. The loads handled were heavy and the efforts were strenuous, so it was impossible to ask the operators to increase the rate. PALAMY therefore set out to find an appropriate solution to improve workstation ergonomics, employee well-being and productivity. Not finding satisfaction with traditional equipment distributors, PALAMY’s Technical Manager, Mr. Olivier Chauveau, focused his research on a manufacturer specializing in handling solutions.

Thus, and after consultations, PALAMY called on MANUT-LM, a French manufacturer able to design a custom solution to meet the need to increase production by limiting the human risks associated with repetitive handling of the coils.

The article in Industrie Pharma magazine

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