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Tile and brick package handler

Manut-LM has designed a unique solution for handling tiles and bricks. Discover this 100% French-made innovation designed to considerably reduce MSDs at very strenuous workstations.

Published on 6 October 2020 - Manut-LM

Effortless handling of 140 kg of tiles at a time

A tile factory asked us to find a solution to reduce the pain of handling tiles.

Packages of 140 kg of tiles had to be moved by the operators to be stored, stacked and unstacked on pallets.

This situation, which presents numerous risks of work accidents and the appearance of MSDs, led Manut-LM to innovate in order to provide a response to this sector of activity, which is very prone to arduousness.

What was the client’s problem?

Our customer needed to reduce the drudgery on a particularly delicate job: the preparation of tile orders at the end of the production line.

Only two people were assigned to the preparation of orders for packages of tiles. With packages weighing up to 140 kg, the operators were unable to carry the loads and had to roll the packages with all the risks of injury to people and damage to the products that this could entail.

It became urgent to find a solution to optimize the operation of the process with the appropriate tool. Despite numerous companies being consulted, only Manut-LM was able to propose a solution that worked!

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The Manut-LM solution

Manut-LM has therefore designed a completely custom-made device: a MASTER Plus equipped with a roof tile clamp, fixed under an overhead crane covering an area of over 90 m².

The pneumatic clamp has a PVC coating to ensure grip. It is parameterized to adapt to several load formats without the risk of failure and while preserving their integrity and eliminating the risk of human error.

Audible and visual indicators complete the solution to ensure maximum security of the solution.

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