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Stackers between pallet trucks and forklifts!

Published on 24 February 2021 - Manut-LM

Stackers: between pallet truck and forklift!

Stackers allow to move, lift and store loads packed on pallets in full autonomy; they are the most used equipments in the handling sector which easily replace a forklift or a pallet truck. If you need to use it in a salty or food environment, you can use a stainless steel version.

There are several models of stackers depending on the frequency of use, the weight and size of the load to be handled and the lifting height (stacking height):

  • Manual stackers;
  • Semi-electric stackers;
  • Electric stackers.

Manut-LM launches its handling stacker!

The industrial handling stackers are mobile handling solutions that enable operators to handle heavy loads effortlessly.

The handling trucks offered by Manut-LM are an alternative to manual handling of loads: they allow the operator to move freely in a workshop, a warehouse or outdoors. The load is picked up by the gripping tools that are fitted to all the trolleys in our range.

Discover the Manut-LM range of lifting trolleys to lift the loads you need for your business: panel stacker, trolley for Trays, for drums, for glazing…..
All your handling issues can be solved, without the installation of additional structures, with great flexibility.

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