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Risks related to handling

Published on 16 February 2021 - Manut-LM

Risks related to handling, which are responsible for about a third of accidents reported in companies.

It is the first cause of work-related accidents (excluding commuting) recorded by the Social Security. The risks associated with handling are numerous and they are responsible for about one third of accidents reported in companies. The dangers are related to the nature of the loads, the excessive number of handling and the movement: torsion, displacement, lifting.

Manual handling is the cause of frequent back injuries often due to incorrect postures. Like mechanical handling, it can lead to bruises, crushes and falls. In addition, angular or rough surfaces, falling objects and thrown objects are among the leading causes of injuries, lacerations or bruises during manual handling work. The worker can also suffer these injuries if he or she falls or collides with objects.

Mechanical handling involves the use of lifting equipment such as cranes, self-propelled forklifts, overhead cranes. Mechanical handling equipment reduces the need for arduous manual handling activities, speeds up the flow of goods and improves logistics performance. But the operations that forklift operators perform are not without risk to themselves and their fellow workers.

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