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Musculoskeletal pain: still underestimated

Published on 2 April 2021 - Manut-LM

Musculoskeletal disorders cause many workers in France to suffer

Repetitive movements, uncomfortable postures, insufficient recovery time, working in the cold or exposed to vibrations… these are several factors that increase the risk of suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Fragility considered as an occupational pathology since 2009. In France, this is the primary reason for compensation for work-related illness.

But are MSDs properly listed in France? According to the authors of the BEH, the under-reporting of MSDs is decreasing: from 55% to 43% between 2019 and 2015 concerning the lumbar spine, from 70% to 60% for the elbow, from 65% to 59% to concerning the shoulder.

These results “probably reflect a higher level of reporting by employees when they are eligible for compensation. How to explain it? This “may be a reflection of public policies that have been working to prevent MSDs for several years,” the BEH authors continue.

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