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Hard work: what is it?

You are a company and you need new handling solutions to cope with the arduousness at work?

Published on 7 July 2023 - Manut-LM

Manut-LM, the No. 1 French manufacturer of Lifting Tube Handling Assistance Solutions, is here to help you find tailor-made solutions and products adapted to your business.

In this article, we introduce you to the arduousness at work.

How to define arduousness at work?

Hard work is defined as exposure of the worker to one or more occupational risk factors related to marked physical constraints, an aggressive physical environment or certain patterns of work likely to leave lasting, identifiable and irreversible traces on health.

The arduousness is based on a minimum intensity as well as a minimum duration. Their evaluation takes into account collective or individual means of protection that are implemented by the employer. The arduousness can be related to the pace of work, to an aggressive physical environment.

What are the factors of arduousness at work?

There are risk factors at work. They are divided into several categories defined by the Labour Code.

1 – Marked physical constraints

This category includes:

  • Manual handling of loads which is the act of handling, moving, lifting goods. It is an activity that requires significant physical effort by one or more workers
  • Painful postures: forced positions of the joints
  • Mechanical vibrations transmitted to the hands, arms and body

2 – The aggressive physical environment

  • The presence of hazardous chemical agents, dust and fumes
  • Activities in hyperbaric environments
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Noise

3 – The rhythms of work

  • Night work under certain conditions
  • Work in successive alternating shifts that alternate shifts: 3 x 8 or 2 x 12
  • Repetitive work characterized by the fact that a task requires workers to perform repeated movements, which solicit all or part of the upper limb, at a high frequency and under a constrained cadence

What is the c2p prevention professional account?

The professional prevention account (C2P) makes it possible to determine and reference the risk factors borne by a worker beyond certain thresholds. Depending on his exposure to these risks, the employee accumulates points on his account.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To have a professional prevention account, you must meet certain conditions such as:

  • Working in the private sector
  • Be affiliated to the general social security scheme
  • Have a contract of at least 1 month (fixed-term contract, permanent contract, apprenticeship, part-time …)
  • Being exposed to at least one hardship factor

How to accumulate points on the professional prevention account?

The six professional risk factors concerned by the hardship scheme allow you to acquire points credited to the professional prevention account (C2P). These factors are:

  • Night work
  • Repetitive work
  • Working in successive alternating shifts
  • Activities carried out in a hyperbaric environment, that is, in an environment where the pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure
  • Noise
  • Extreme temperatures

Employees exposed to manual load handling, awkward postures, mechanical vibrations, or dangerous chemical agents may benefit from early retirement if they justify a certain rate of permanent disability recognized as an occupational disease.

How can these risks be avoided?

You can limit the risks associated with arduousness at work:

  • By exercising regularly
  • By adapting your position
  • By consulting a health professional: occupational medicine, physiotherapist, occupational therapist
  • Implementation of the right gestures and postures by following a training in gestures and postures
  • By using specific equipment

You now know more about arduousness at work. If you want to equip yourself to preserve the health and safety of your employees or learn more about our solutions, do not hesitate to contact us !

What do we offer?

Manut-LM offers you solutions to help handling by Lifting Tube, we accompany you to find tailor-made solutions and products adapted to your activity and your needs.

Explore our website for more information.

What is a heavy load?

A heavy load is an object, cardboard or other material that requires significant effort to lift. Choose handling assistance solutions by load type.

What are the risks of carrying heavy loads?

Carrying heavy loads repeatedly can lead to health problems, occupational diseases, disability, accidents at work…

What are the painful areas when carrying a charge?

Areas that pose health risks are lumbar, dorsal and cervical.

What are the major health problems related to carrying a charge?

These are mainly musculoskeletal disorders, back injuries and muscle damage.

What are the categories of hardship factors?

The three categories of hardship factors are:

  • Marked physical constraints
  • The aggressive physical environment
  • Work rhythms
What is the professional prevention account?

The professional prevention account (C2P) makes it possible to determine and reference the risk factors borne by a worker beyond certain thresholds. Depending on his exposure to these risks, the employee accumulates points on his C2P.

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