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CACES New regulation R389/R489/R485: what impact?

Published on 28 April 2021 - Manut-LM

CACES R389 and R489: Is it mandatory to have the CACES to drive a forklift?

The CACES is not mandatory in France, unlike the driving authorization issued by the head of the establishment, which is mandatory to drive a forklift or other handling equipment.

CACES R389 and R489: This is a recommendation of the National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers (CNAMTS). The one concerning the driving of a forklift truck is better known as the R389 recommendation. or R489 since 2020.

The CACES is a training for the driving of forklift trucks. This is not a license to drive a forklift.

This is proof of specific forklift training. First, it allows the company manager to ensure that the employee who holds it has undergone driver training. In addition, it verifies that the employee has the knowledge and skills to safely operate the forklifts or material handling equipment used in their business. The person in charge will be able to deliver the driving authorization (compulsory) to the holder of the CACES, when he will have been declared fit by the occupational medicine.

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