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Bin Stacker – Drive-Thru Truck

Discover a new range of manual handling aids proposed by Manut-LM to facilitate order preparation in the Drive.

Published on 16 April 2021 - Manut-LM

How to reduce RSI when handling bins

In Drive facilities, as in many activities, bin handling involves heavy lifting when stacking or unstacking multiple levels of bins.

In addition, the repeated emptying/filling of bins at a non-ergonomic height, as well as the moving of bins requiring bending over to push, can be a source of RSI.

In order to eliminate these risks, Manut-LM proposes to provide a solution that allows to move, fill and lift bins without any effort.

Watch our videos to learn more!

Order picking at E. Leclerc Drive on a Bin Handling Stacker

Discover in this video how Manut-LM eliminates the risk of RSI during order picking operations in Drive facilities.

The automatic bin height adjustment saves operators from having to bend over to fill and empty them.

Manual height adjustment allows stacking of bins to limit buffer storage area when orders are ready.

Design of custom-made bin forks in France

Manut-LM, a French manufacturer of manual handling solutions, manufactures 100% custom-made bin forks adapted to the constraints of each bin.

The shape of the bins, the available outlets and the type of handling performed are all parameters that are taken into account when designing the solution.

Discover our range of bin stackers and all our solutions for handling these difficult loads!

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