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Suction lifting system: definition and advantages!

To gently move parts from one location to another or even to keep them in a certain position during processing, people who are confronted with them are increasingly opting for the suction lifting tube.

Published on 31 July 2023 - Manut-LM

But, what is suction lifting and why use it? Manut-LM in the rest of this article tells you everything.

What is suction lifting?

Suction lifting refers to the process in which a worker or employee moves a load vertically by lifting and suspending. This vacuum lifting system increases productivity while saving effort.

Why opt for suction lifting?

It is very painful to constantly perform manual lifting of heavy, bulky and relatively light objects (when it is done on a regular basis). This increases the risk of serious accidents and exposes you to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

By opting for the suction lifting system, you will:

  • Save money, because its price is very reasonable;
  • Secure your operators and products in the handling phases;
  • Promote the quality of work by gaining precision;
  • Increase your productivity by reducing handling time;
  • Benefit profitability through a return on investment in the short term.

Easy to use, simple and reliable, this lifting system can lift many products such as cardboard, sheets, bags, wood panels, drums, glazing, etc. whatever their size (size and shape).

How does suction lifting work?

It is difficult today to imagine modern manufacturing processes without thinking about handling and lifting goods using vacuum. Otherwise, how would it be possible to quickly and safely stack cartons, load and unload heavy items, move glass panels with peace of mind, etc. ?

As simple as it is ingenious, the suction lifting system is an extremely effective method. By means of a suction cup, a vacuum plate or an suction base, it allows objects to be moved, lifted and transported. In addition, it contributes to supplying materials to manufacturing processes. It also happens that it has the function of gently and safely tightening parts during their treatment.

As its functions are not limited to those mentioned above, the empty technology also makes it possible to move wooden parts throughout the production line. It is also intended to keep them in place on machine tools. It also works for Pick and Peace applications in the packaging, food and electronics industries. As you can see, the suction lifting system is used in many automated manufacturing processes.

Suction lifting system: Manut-LM solutions

For more than 25 years, Manut-LM has been working to provide you with quality and efficient devices. Depending on the material, its size and the quality of the surface, we offer you different vacuum technologies. You will have the choice between:

  • The Master Fast: equipped with a rotating handle, the Master Fast allows the operator to precisely manage the speed of rise and fall of the load. It also allows you to manage the stabilization height. This lifting system is intended for loads up to 300 kg.
  • The Master Plus: it is a solution for gripping large loads. With its extended arm, this tool is ideal for remote picking and dropping. Its “load tipper and articulated arm” options are available on its handles. This device can move panels and loads up to 300 kg.
  • The Master Plus tilter option: suitable for glazing, joinery, production lines handling sheet metal sheets, plastic panels, etc., the Master Plus can lift panels up to 180 kg.
  • The Master Plus articulated arm option: this lifting tube manipulator allows the operator to grasp and deposit loads at low or high heights without lifting the arm. It has the ability to lift heavy loads of up to 250 kg.

Eager to get you suction lifting devices or even other manual handling aids, Manut-LM is waiting for you. Take advantage of our lifting tube manipulators, for all your lifting operations, whatever the sectors of activity in which you operate.

What is suction lifting?

Suction lifting is a process in which an operator moves a load vertically, proceeding by lifting and suspending.

Why suction lifting?

Used in many automated manufacturing processes, suction lifting saves time, money and reduces exposure to musculoskeletal disorders.

Where to get your suction lifting devices?

Eager to purchase suction lifting devices, Manut-LM offers you its range of manual handling products.

What suction lifting devices does Manut-LM offer?

The suction lifting devices made available by Manut-LM are:

  • The Master Fast;
  • The Master Plus;
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