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New Manut-LM range of stackers and handling trucks

Discover the Manut-LM range of lifting trolleys to lift the loads you need for your business: panel stacker, trolley for Trays, for drums, for glazing…..
All your handling issues can be solved, without the installation of additional structures, with great flexibility.

The handling trucks offered by Manut-LM are an alternative to manual handling of loads: they allow the operator to move freely in a workshop, a warehouse or outdoors. The load is picked up by the gripping tools that are fitted to all the trolleys in our range.

Published on 2 November 2020 - Manut-LM

GM-Panels 120 | Panel Stacker

The GM-Panels 120 is the ideal mobile solution to pick up, rotate, flip and tilt wood, plastic and metal panels without effort.

It will allow you to move panels indoors and outdoors over long distances thanks to its suction cups and an onboard vacuum generator.

This range guarantees both the safety of the operators and the integrity of the loads.

GM-Trays | Tray Stacker Trolley

The GM-Bacs is easy to use and allows to relieve the lifting of bins in all environments (food industry, Drive, sorting centers…).

hese devices can be adapted to all Tray models thanks to a made-to-measure fork design adapted to the needs of each customer.

Lightweight, equipped with an electric lift, the GM-Trays eliminate physical strain and improve productivity!

GM-Spools | Spool Lifting Trolley

The GM-Coils are designed to eliminate the drudgery and make the operators autonomous on the operations of lifting coils.

Thanks to a wide range of tailor-made tools, the GM-Coiler is suitable for all coil sizes up to 600 kg and for all types of handling.

With a horizontal or vertical pick-up and drop-off at the end of the production line or to feed packaging machines: the GM-Bobines can be adapted to all environments.

GM-Futs | Drum and Can Stacker

The GM-Futs makes it easy to lift and move drums, barrels, drums and barrels effortlessly. The custom designed tools adapt to the way the load is picked up and can be turned around to dump the contents.

With its robust and ergonomic design, the GM-Futs eliminates the risk of RSI and increases productivity when handling drums.

GM-Cartons | Carton Stacker

The GM-Cartons are handling carts equipped with tools to lift cartons, put them at height and palletize / depalletize them in an ergonomic way. With trays made to measure according to the desired dimensions or even cardboard clamps adapted to this type of task, the GM-Carton will increase your output and facilitate the work of the operators.

Smooth movement and effortless lifting thanks to the integrated batteries, the GM-Carton fits perfectly into any environment and workstation.

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