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How to reduce MSDs in the workplace?

Published on 3 October 2019 - Manut-LM

The danger of MSDs

Many employees experience pain in structures near the joints, such as muscles, tendons, nerves or ligaments. These pains are musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs and are responsible for many sick days.

The prevention of MSDs involves adapting employees’ workstations.

But how do you implement these changes?

Combating MSDs: Implementing Effective and Rapid Change in the Workplace

A dialogue must be created between the employees who will express their feelings and the hierarchy, the staff representatives, the occupational health service, etc., who must listen to the employees. The entire company must be involved in these changes.

Occupational risk prevention services exist. You can contact regional associations to help you improve your working conditions, regional health insurance funds (CRAM), retirement and occupational health insurance funds (CARSAT), etc. Having recourse to external assistance also makes it possible to motivate, inform and make all the actors understand the stakes of this approach.

Analyze the signs of MSDs

Once a dialogue has been established between the different parties, the MSD risk situations must be diagnosed and understood.

Occupational medicine is an organization that helps diagnose whether there are MSD problems in the company. It allows to identify risks and to determine the work situations to be analyzed in priority. < There are several possible ways to reduce MSDs. Consideration may be given to reducing workloads, reorganizing production or redesigning workstations. Working conditions can also be improved by reducing the repetition of gestures, introducing microbreaks, diversifying tasks or adapting tools. Finally, it is necessary to evaluate the measures taken, to judge their effectiveness and to adapt them if necessary.

Strengthen your muscles to prevent back pain

Low back pain, which is pain in the back, is the number one cause of work-related accidents and work stoppages.

Back pain can be due to a muscular deficit or to bad postures in daily life. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the back and develop good habits.

We strain our backs by sitting in the wrong position in front of our computers or by lifting loads in an inappropriate way.

To reduce the risk of low back pain as much as possible, solutions exist

Just replace bad habits with good ones!

Sit with your back straight, adjust your computer screen to your eye level to keep your neck and head in line with your spine, bend your knees to get down, muscle your abs. In fact, to compensate for the lack of tone in the stomach muscles, the back of the body is used twice as much. Also remember to take breaks and move regularly to prevent the back from settling into a bad position.

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