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How to calculate the maintenance costs of a forklift?

Published on 7 June 2021 - Manut-LM

Forklift maintenance: How much does it cost?

  1. the brand of the forklift
    The name of the builder and its reputation give a good indication of the design and reliability of the construction.
  2. the configuration of the forklift
    The technology level of the forklift, the options chosen and the equipment of the forklift are important elements to take into account in the calculation.
  3. The annual forklift commitment
    For a forklift, this is generally referred to as low engagement, medium or high engagement, and high engagement. The more hours a forklift will work each year, the more frequently the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance will be performed.
  4. The type of energy of the forklift
    For a comparable capacity, the cost of routine maintenance of a thermal forklift (gas or diesel) will be higher than that of an electric forklift because of the “consumable” spare parts, which are more numerous to replace on a thermal forklift.
  5. Forklift capacity
    The higher the tonnage of the forklift truck, the greater the means to be implemented (tools and number of hours of intervention).
  6. Forklift environment
    The temperature on the site where the forklift is used.
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