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Handling of several boxes at a time

The handling of cartons is a repetitive activity very present in the production companies. It is often a source of RSI: operators have to bend down to put the boxes on the floor or in the air. Their postures are not ergonomic and become sources of pain. In the long run, they lead to work stoppages and decrease the company’s productivity. Therefore, MSDs must be prevented as much as possible to avoid them.

To lighten the workload of operators and increase productivity, Manut-LM develops customized manual handling solutions. These solutions assist operators in their daily repetitive movements and allow for multiple heavy cartons to be picked up in a single pickup, increasing company productivity.

When handling cartons, their weight, size and thickness vary. Above all, the quality of the cartons and their closing system have a great influence on the lifting tube manipulator. Each solution must therefore be adapted to each problem.

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Published on 17 January 2020 - Manut-LM

One gripper adapts to 15 carton sizes

In production companies such as Guerlain Perfumery, operators have to move and carry many boxes from the floor onto pallets and place them on a high conveyor.

In this case study, the problem was to design a lifting tube manipulator that could lift 15 different sizes of boxes.

The Manut-LM design office has adapted the suction cups to the smallest cardboard box format, to allow a grip distributed on the whole load and so that this grip is secure. Only 12 suction cups are needed to lift 2 boxes at a time, with 3 suction cups on each side of the boxes. The lifting of heavy boxes is greatly simplified!

Manut-LM has at heart to facilitate the work of the operator and to increase the productivity of the company, for this reason the lifting tube manipulator adapts very quickly to the 15 different dimensions.

Move 4 boxes in one take

For a company in the pharmaceutical sector, Manut-LM designed a manual handling solution capable of carrying 4 cartons in a single operation.

To carry each 15 kg box, the Manut-LM design office has developed a MASTER Plus composed of 12 suction cups. Their larger size ensures sufficient suction to carry the 4 boxes of 60 kg in total, distributed so that there are 3 suction cups on each of them.

This model is completed with the option of an articulated arm to allow the operator to handle the loads even from a distance. Non-ergonomic postures where the operator bends over and stands up on his toes are avoided and so are MSDs!

Assist operators in handling cartons

A company in the food industry wishes to facilitate the work of its operators by handling several boxes at the same time. After contacting Manut-LM, a technical sales representative went on site to analyze the workstations and the operators’ habits. Manut-LM wants to increase the company’s productivity without changing the organization of the operators.

For this purpose, our design office has developed a manual handling aid with a handlebar, which assists the operator in his handling operations. To provide maximum stability, 4 suction cups are placed on the boxes, as close as possible to the edges. Metal guides also help the operator to position the manipulator correctly on the cartons.

Handle 2 or 3 boxes at a time

The operators have to handle 2 or 3 boxes, depending on the arrivals.

In order to reduce time loss to a minimum and increase productivity, Manut-LM has designed a solution that allows two types of cardboard to be handled quickly and without change.

Placed horizontally, the operator can take 3 boxes, placed vertically, he can take 2 boxes. In this way, the pressure exerted by the suction cups is optimal to pick up the loads safely.

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