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Covid-19 and Handling – How to respect the barrier gestures?

Published on 30 June 2020 - Manut-LM

Reminder of the main barrier gestures and sanitary rules

The government has set out clear guidelines for businesses to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Among these recommendations, the following points should be highlighted.

“Each employee must have a space that allows him or her to respect the rule of physical distance of at least one meter from any other person (e.g., other employee, client, user, service provider, etc.). In addition to reorganizing the work so as to sequence the processes, the employer will seek to review the organization of the work space and, if necessary, the time slots of the workers to avoid or limit grouping and crossing as much as possible. Each employee will be kept informed of these arrangements.”

The unprecedented Covid-19 (Coronavirus) crisis has created new requirements for companies to enable employees to comply with sanitary distancing measures and barrier gestures. The resulting reorganization of flows and processes suddenly and for a long time called into question the organization of activities.

Nevertheless, the obligation to limit contact between employees comes up against the problem of preserving the physical integrity of operators when manual handling is involved.

How to respect the barrier gestures during the handling of bulky or heavy loads?
By equipping employees with the right tools.

The report adds that:

“In the workplace, these measures have a critical role in minimizing risk by removing the circumstances of exposure. They must be the rule whenever possible and the employer must make the necessary arrangements to ensure optimal compliance.

  • Regularly clean with a product active against the SARS-CoV-2 virus the objects handled and the surfaces including the sanitary facilities
  • Avoid wearing gloves: they give a false sense of protection. The gloves themselves become vectors of transmission, the risk of carrying hands to the face is the same as without gloves, the risk of contamination is therefore equal or even higher.”

Employers must therefore put in place the tools that allow employees to respect social distancing while maintaining their activity.

When employees have to handle loads together, this distancing is impossible and the human risks linked to the handling of loads can lead to other health problems: back pain, MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), tendonitis…

Manut-LM solutions

Allowing employees to carry out manual handling operations on their own therefore implies equipping them with suitable solutions.

Manut-LM manufactures in France solutions for manual handling by lifting tube that meet these needs.

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Barriers and handling of heavy or bulky loads

When lifting heavy or bulky loads, employees may be required to touch the same surfaces and maintaining distances can be complicated. In addition, it is often necessary to wear gloves to avoid injury.

Manut-LM solves these problems with manual handling solutions that allow a single operator to lift large loads.

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Protect employees’ health – Don’t neglect physical risks

The implementation of measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 must not have a negative impact on the working conditions of employees who frequently handle loads.

If social distancing means that employees must now carry the loads alone, the involvement of employers to preserve the health of employees will therefore prove counterproductive.

MSDs are the leading cause of occupational diseases in France. Do not hesitate to consult our teams to optimize together your processes and handling operations in order to preserve the health of your employees.

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