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Bottle handling solution

ERGO Plus with bottle gripper allows easy handling of bottles without risk of MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders). A solution by Manut-LM.

Published on 12 June 2019 - Manut-LM

The handling of wine bottles, a repetitive and tiring operation

As part of the ongoing search for “business” solutions adapted to each activity, Manut-LM has designed and manufactured a high-performance, fast and efficient tool for handling bottles of wine.

ERGO Plus with bottle gripper eliminates the pain and discomfort of operators in the wine industry during wine bottle deboxing operations.

During the production of wine, the bottles are stored in boxes to age them inside the cellars. At this stage, the bottles are not yet labelled. The bottles are then taken out of their boxes (deboxed) to be placed on an automatic labeling line.

The deboxing operations are carried out manually by the producers, this operation is long and painful, because it obliges to bend constantly.

A customized tool that improves your performance

The brand new lifting tube manipulator ERGO Plus with bottle gripper has been developed by Manut-LM in partnership with the company LÉVEQUE & FILS, a major player and expert in wine production processes.

This bottle gripping tool is a unique piece of equipment on the market which allows to lift and handle simultaneously 10 bottles of wine during the deboxing operations, and to deposit them easily on the production line.

Thanks to the ERGO Plus bottle handler, companies in the wine industry now have a custom-made handling tool capable of handling very specific loads quickly and without risk of RSI.

This lifting device is capable of handling nearly 2400 bottles per hour without risk of RSI!

The ERGO Plus with bottle gripper is capable of safely gripping 8 to 10 bottles per cycle. This manipulator has been studied to allow the deboxing of the bottles quickly and without any risk of damaging them.

An ideal solution throughout the supply chain

After labeling, the bottles are stored in wooden crates to be palletized for export.

The wine can also be stored in tanks, barrels or casks.

Manut-LM makes handling all these loads easy and without risk of RSI!

Thanks to the “quick change of gripping tool” option, the ERGO Plus can accept different gripping tools.

You will be able to handle all your loads quickly and efficiently to improve your production output

To meet the needs of the company Lévêque & fils, we have designed a manipulator-deboxer adapted to the workstations of their wine operators.

On this occasion, the press Viti magazine wrote an article about our partnership with the company of supplies and equipment of wine storehouses.

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