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Bin handling in the food industry

Manut-LM is a French designer and manufacturer of solutions to assist in the manual handling of loads.
Designed entirely to measure, our solutions allow us to assist operators in lifting all types of loads.
With a stainless steel solution, we make bin handling easier with a suitable fork that allows lifting bins up to 30 kg effortlessly at a high rate of speed.

Published on 24 April 2019 - Manut-LM

Stainless steel solution for effortless tray lifting

In order to respond to all handling problems, Manut-LM designs and manufactures in France customized manual handling solutions adapted to all types of loads and environments.

In this case, the ERGO Plus in stainless steel version allows the operator to handle trays up to 30 kg without any effort at a high speed. Ease of use, ergonomics and productivity! The gripping tool is a tray fork designed specifically for the model of trays used by our customers.

Installed on a custom-built overhead crane, our lifting tube manipulator is therefore an ideal solution to solve the risks of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) related to the handling of loads.

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Handling of bins with dumping
In cases where the contents of the handled bins must be able to be discharged, Manut-LM can propose adapted solutions.

View this custom-made stainless steel solution specially designed for the food industry. Operators can lift the bins, then empty them without force thanks to an ergonomic control handle and a turning wheel.

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