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Benefit from MSD grants

The CARSAT offers subsidies to finance the Manut-LM devices. Discover here a reminder following our dedicated file!

Published on 14 September 2020 - Manut-LM

TMS pros: an effective 4-step approach

Spread throughout the 4 stages of the process, the 28 questions in the TMS Pros course will help you structure your prevention project and support you as your company becomes more independent.

By using this tool for all companies, you will progress efficiently and at your own pace in the prevention of MSDs.

Concrete testimonials

Testimony of Nathalie Gerussi, QHSE Manager at Knauf Industries

“We were well aware that we had to take action, but that what we were doing was not working (…). We were in the process of giving up, and at that point we got involved in the TMS Pros approach, which made us aware of other aspects of the TMS problem that were not only biomechanical and physical, but that we could also consider other actions (…) that could have a lot of effect on risk prevention.”

Implement TMS Pros

To benefit from subsidies, implement the 4 steps of the TMS Pros prevention process:

Step 1: Am I affected by MSD Pros?
Step 2: Where to start?
Step 3: How to act?
Step 4: What results for your company?

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